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The Royster Student Scholarship Award 2020+

Recipient of the award: Siqian Li, Yaohan Feng, Yue Lei, Kaiyue Zhuang
—Chongqing University
(Faculty Advisor: Prof Hui Xie, Dr Chang Liu)


Acoustic design of waterscape and their application in psychological rehabilitation

Water sound can effectively stimulate people’s senses and cause emotional and behavioural feedback. It is significance to help cancer patients improve their environmental perception and recover from the psychological and physiological stresses. The design is aimed at the phenomenon that psychological care is often absent in cancer treatment, we take the central area of Chongqing University Cancer Hospital as the design object to construct a restorative soundscape environment. This design uses the methods of laboratory testing, CADA software simulation and Perceived Restorative Characteristics Questionnaire (PCRQ) to summarise the influence mechanism of physical features of waterscape on psychoacoustical properties. On this basis, through the acoustic design of waterscape, control the emotional perception recovery effect and finally formulate a step-by-step psychological rehabilitation path to help patients improve mental health.